Individual Coaching 

“I had a phenomenal experience working with Sarah. She is extremely professional and personable, and truly listened to the most important qualities I was looking for in a job. She presented me with some amazing opportunities that I wouldn’t have known existed, and she thoroughly coached, prepared and encouraged me in each and every round of the interview process. Throughout the process, she maintained an amazing response time and always kept me informed of the latest details. I ended up at a company and in a position that is perfect for me and my career goals, and I cannot thank Sarah enough. Not only am I extremely satisfied with the end result, but she made the job searching process exciting and enjoyable as well! -Client

“Sarah is such a positive force to work with. Her coaching style encourages productivity, creativity, and thoughtfulness. Through her I have learned how to be more mindful in projects and to keep standards of quality high. The only con I can think of is that I didn’t get to work with her long enough. Anyone that has Sarah as their coach is sure to succeed.” -Client

Family & Couple Coaching

“My family entered coaching with Sarah after my daughter completed Wilderness Therapy in November 2018. The next 9 months were the most productive I have ever experienced in relationship building. Working with Sarah allowed me to establish a relationship with my daughter that I didn’t think possible. Sarah helped my family self-reflect and realize that our core issues and core meaning were driving factors in our lack of communication and understanding. My daughter’s anger was at times palpable, but Sarah was patient, understanding, and committed to helping my family establish a healthy relationship.” -Husband and father of four kids (teens & young adults)

“Sarah has a unique ability to drill down to the core of her client’s issues. Sarah’s textbook knowledge is only exceeded by her practical approach to healing the wounded mind. We have gained much by her empathetic method of coaching. She has been instrumental in helping us to smooth out the rough edges in our relationships. Our coaching sessions were productive and time well spent.  She has sustained and provided the professional support for our loved one in times of need.   We are grateful to Sarah for her professionalism, her willingness to listen and to set us on a path of healing.” -Grandfather of 14 year old granddaughter

“Sarah has been such a blessing for our family.  Her patience and incredible ability to listen deeply to each of us, beyond the words being said, has impressed me.  Through Sarah’s guidance, we have learned about ourselves and each other, and healed our relationships in ways I had not imagined.”  -Husband and Father of four teenagers

Organizational Coaching

“Sarah has a unique ability to combine the ‘softer’ elements of business (psychology, wellness and culture) with real, hard, disciplined execution. Sarah was forever vigilant about the culture and environment we were creating at Brightidea while also being responsible for recruiting many of our top people. I can highly recommend Sarah to any organization/one that takes a holistic view of success.” -CEO of Brightidea, Inc.

“Sarah is the most energetic, passionate, positive person I’ve worked with. Sarah was continuously finding and championing ways to improve Brightidea processes, in particular the ones with the biggest business impact to the company. In addition, Sarah also helped me find and hire some of the most talented engineers, in particular, some with the most difficult to find skills and levels of experience. If you ever get the opportunity to work, collaborate, or communicate with Sarah, consider yourself very fortunate.” -CTO, Amazon Web Services