Shall we begin?

Welcome, my name is Sarah Schaub and I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Relationship Therapist and Coach. I have invested 15+ years in my own personal and professional development and have worked with hundreds of individuals, families and couples collectively. I take into consideration the whole person and all systems playing a part in whatever is present.

Professional Bio

As a Therapist, I work with despair, trauma (event-specific and complex), loneliness, identity confusion, emotional confusion, anger, grief, suppression, oppression, contempt, the challenges around reintegration with Veterans and their family members, life transitions, death, chronic pain, lack of emotional and physical intimacy, couple/marital conflict, infidelity, substance abuse and addiction, lack of effective communication, suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, and so much more. When I am in the role of Therapist, we explore how experiences of the past are influencing the present and adjust treatment accordingly.

As a Coach, whether it be with individuals, couples, families, or teams, many of the same challenges mentioned above surface or are present, however, my approach is slightly different. When I’m in the role of Coach, we take a holistic approach that is both relationship and strengths-based, and most importantly, forward focused. The benefit of being trained as a systems-based Therapist, is that I coach through a psychotherapeutic lens, pulling from various tools and theories learned thus far and integrating them with my coaching background.

As a Consultant, with almost 10 years of Recruiting and People Operations Management experience, I have worked with VP-level managers, C-suite executives, and Entrepreneurs in hiring the right personnel to build desired cultures, increase retention, improve team cohesion, develop and streamline processes, and drive company success.

Daily, I learn how to master the art of psychotherapy, coaching, and consulting so I can be a better facilitator of self-exploration and systemic change. I continually study systems-based psychotherapy, attachment theory, executive leadership, organizational development and relational intelligence to inform my practices.




Podcast of real time couples therapy sessions by world-renown Couples and Sex Therapist, Esther Perel.



Educational book re navigating unhealthy relationship dynamics and behaviors to bring forth further awareness and change.



Educational book about attachment styles and behaviors and how our family system dynamics show up in our adult relationships.


Sarah has a unique ability to drill down to the core of her client's issues.

Sarah's textbook knowledge is only exceeded by her practical approach to healing the wounded mind. We have gained much by her empathetic method of coaching. She has been instrumental in helping us to smooth out the rough edges in our relationships.