Therapy and coaching to transform your experience with yourself and others.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

Together, we will unearth that which is limiting you be it personally, professionally, relationally, financially and/or spiritually.

Through compassionate confrontation, curiosity, and the challenging of old patterns of thought, behaviors, and beliefs, we will gain further understanding that will illuminate how best to move forward.

Together, we will walk through your pain to generate new neural pathways that will foster desired change and growth. We will identify and integrate healthier, more balanced alternatives and tools custom to you, your needs and what it is you want.

You will learn from your intergenerational and systemic histories and be able to begin to write a whole new script for your life.

Sarah Schaub



As a therapist, coach and consultant, I will help you identify the hidden themes and patterns that are motivating your behaviors so that you can live in alignment with your core values, further your self-awareness, and support your physical, spiritual, relational, and financial needs.

I have experience helping individuals, couples, families, coaches/therapists and organizations identify systemic success and barriers – in other words, what is and is not working. Utilizing a relationship-based and strengths-based approach that takes into consideration all systems present, we start doing the work necessary to get from point A to point B.

Instead of asking you the famous words of therapists, "How does that make you feel?", I pick up on what is and is not being said and challenge the current system as a means to create a new, healthier one.


Anyone that has Sarah as their coach is sure to succeed.

Sarah is such a positive force to work with. Her coaching style encourages productivity, creativity, and thoughtfulness. Through her I have learned how to be more mindful in projects and to keep standards of quality high.


Together, we explore your physical, emotional, mental, professional, financial, and relational strengths and challenges to help get you to where you want to go.


Whether your struggle is communication, intimacy, or anything in between, we look at the relational dynamics through a systemic lens, and adjust course accordingly.

Coaches & Therapists

As a coach myself, I can help you become aware of your own personal triggers and reactions so that you can have more harmonious client relationships.

"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives."